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Please Consider Supporting AFFSC

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Aukum Fairplay Fire Safe Council hopes you are all healthy and dealing with the present circumstances well. Aukum Fairplay Fire Safe Council (AFFSC) had planned and scheduled several fundraising events for 2020, but because of the Corona virus, we have canceled those events. There are many worthy opportunities for the Big Day of Giving this year, not the least of which are our nonprofits helping out with health personnel needs, emergency responders and food banks. We hope you can consider them for some donations.

Wildfire season is approaching, and we also hope those that can are taking advantage of the good weather to create defensible space around their homes, and removing flammable items close to your homes that can trap flying embers and ignite a home. AFFSC is carrying on with important information on our website at, and with online meetings. We are continuing to carry out Defensible Space Evaluations to help guide you on protecting your home. We are hoping to submit applications for several grants this year to improve fire safety around our roadways and around critical at-risk neighborhoods. Contact us at for defensible space evaluations or to get on our Contacts List.

Please consider supporting AFFSC if you can to help make up for our lost revenue this year. You can contribute through our website and a link with Paypal, or by sending checks made out to AFFSC, and sent to AFFSC, 6940 Fairplay Road, Somerset, CA 95684. Thank you, and best wishes to you and your family for staying safe and healthy.


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