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Questions for "GO" Raffle

questions for GO!.pdf


1. At what point should you evacuate?
   • Early, to help firefighters keep roads clear of congestion.
   • As soon as evacuation is recommended by fire officials.
   • Prior to evacuation orders, whenever you feel unsafe.
   • All of the above.

2. Prior to evacuating, should you close all the curtains in your

   • Yes, it will keep the house cooler and reduce the risk of theft.
   • No, curtains could catch fire from the radiant heat of the
   window, and result in fire damage to the house from the

3. In preparing to evacuate, you should bring all patio furniture and
BBQs close to the exterior of the house.

   • Yes, it will clear obstacles for firefighters, and decrease the
   likelihood of fire damage to these items.
   • No. These items will become ignition sources to your home.
   Patio furniture should be moved inside the house or garage,
   and BBQs should be moved away from the home.

4. When a wildfire threat is present, should you gather your
important papers and medications in case of evacuation?

   • Yes, these items should be included in your Emergency
   Supply Kit and taken with you in the event of evacuation,
   since it may be several days before you can safely come
   back to your property.
   • No, it is better to leave these items home so they don’t get

5. When evacuating, I should gather my pets and make sure they
are in the house to be safe.

   • Yes, they would be more comfortable at home.
   • No, take your pets with you. Don’t forget their pet food and
   drinking water!

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