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Radio for the Rest of Us!

Follow up Workshops description from Alan Thompson.

The workshops will cover various types of radios and antennas, and help Attendees perform a "Two-way Radio Needs Assessment" (attached) to help us make recommendations on the equipment that best suits their specific needs.

We also cover and demonstrate how weekly Radio "Safety Nets" help Residents become familiar with using radios, and gain confidence by practicing radio communications skills.

I've also attached some examples of printed materials we've developed to help residents get a GMRS radio license and understand how Neighborhood Radio Watch programs work.

We've posted additional Neighborhood Radio Watch support materials on our web site at

Stay Tuned for Date and Time of these upcoming Workshops

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Radio Safety Nets.pdfTri-fold Neighborhood Radio Watch.pdfHow To Get Your GMRS License.pdfTwo-way Radio Needs Assessment.pdf

from Alan: Thank you so much for your participation in our Radio For The Rest of Us Webinar For The Oak Hills Area Fire Safe Council yesterday.
I'm following up to send you links to the video and audio files we used in the Presentation that did not play well during the Webinar. My apologies for the low sound quality (This was my first time running a Zoom Webinar!).

01. Paradise 911 Calls where callers were repeatedly told there was no danger to Paradise:
02. Sonoma County District 4 Supervisor James Gore about the need for Self-reliance During Disasters:
03. A High and Awful Price Documentary by Chris Smith on the limits of calling 911 during an emergency, and the disparity between the number of First Responders and evacuees:
04. NewsPager Alert Tone and Audio Message Example:

Please feel free to send me any questions or comments. And, if you would like a Webinar presentation for your group, please feel free to Email me.

For more background information about these Presentations and the work our Club is doing to enhance Community Safety, see:

Best Regards,

Alan Thompson - W6WN
Public Information Officer
The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club
M. (530) 417 1451