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Ready for Wildfire “GO” Raffle

Win an Emergency Kit Go Bag that includes Life-Saving Supplies.(see below)

May contain: backpack and bag

Win an Emergency Kit Go Bag that includes Life-Saving Supplies.

Participate in our Ready for Wildfire “GO” Raffle

Send in your entry before April 30

Raffle will be held May 1


Please read the linked material and watch the linked video.  Answer the questions below, and send to  Winners will be chosen from those entries with the most correct answers.


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1. In advance of wildfire (if time permits), you can increase the chances of home survival by:

  • Installing seals for attic and ground vents using pre-cut plywood or commercial seals to reduce the risk of flying embers entering the home and igniting a fire within the structure.
  • Moving outdoor furniture close to the house to protect it from fire.

2. When an evacuation is ordered, you should:

  • Leave lights on so firefighters can see your home at night or in smoky conditions.
  • Turn off your propane tank at the tank.
  • Shut all windows and doors.
  • All of the above.

3. As part of being prepared for an evacuation, you should have a go bag prepared.  For items that are used daily and cannot be pre-packed, you should:

  • Randomly grab important items, such as medications and cell phone chargers, as you are preparing to leave.
  • Develop a prioritized list in advance of important items, and in the event of evacuation, gather those prioritized items as time allows.

4. Is it important to practice evacuation procedures, especially with children or seniors living in the house, so everyone knows what to do in case of a real evacuation?

  • Yes
  • No

5. How many days of food/snacks and water is recommended to have with you as you evacuate?

  • One day
  • Two days
  • Three days

6. Are YOU prepared to evacuate?

  • Yes, I have an evacuation kit, and know where I will evacuate to in case of wildfire.
  • No, but this information will help me put together my evacuation kit and prioritized list of items so I am prepared.


Newsletter GO BAG CONTEST 2022.pdf


Note:  There are three different Go Bags available for prizes. Items in the photo differ from the actual Go Bags in the contest.