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Success Stories

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Pioneer School Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project. march 12=13, 2022

“Absolutely amazing! The teamwork on this project was beyond anything I expected. There were so many volunteers and they really put in the time and effort. The result of all their hard work is that this area at the entrance to the schools is now less of a fire hazard and has been beautified. The end result is absolutely amazing!”

So exclaimed Maintenance Operations Coordinator Nicholas Torgerson of Pioneer Union Elementary School District about the Pioneer School Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project. The District partnered with the Aukum Fairplay FireSafe Council to organize the event. Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13 volunteers assembled at the school at 10:00 am armed with gloves, pruners, chain saws, pole saws, and enthusiasm. 

Among the volunteers were Sheila Triebull and Pat Baireuther from Omo Ranch FireSafe Council who came down the hill to help out. 

“Many hands make light work,” observed AFFSC member Mary Elliott-Klemm. “We are so thankful to have them with us.”

By the end of the afternoon on Saturday the group had cleared out a large section of blackberries and brush along the creek and trimmed back trees. The job was completed on Sunday.

“The School District was so supportive and great to work with,” commented Greg LaDeaux, Aukum Fairplay FireSafe Council member and organizer of the event. The District sent out fliers for publicity and Maintenance coordinators Nicholas Torgerson and Curtis Cladini even provided pizza for the group on Saturday. 

“We wish to especially thank Foothill Arborists for their time and chipper and the Tree Guys for volunteering their tree climbing skills and expertise. These two businesses really made a difference and got so much work done. We would never have accomplished so much without them,” enthused AFFSC Chairperson Janet Barenston. “We are so grateful!”

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