About Us

Welcome from the Aukum Fairplay FireSafe Council!

The mission of the Aukum Fairplay FireSafe Council (AFFSC) is to mitigate loss of life and property in the AFFSC area from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through community education, mobilization and action, working with other FireSafe Councils and stakeholder agencies and organizations.

The AFFSC meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m., at the Pioneer Park Community Hall on Fairplay Road.

We are seeking additional Council Members and Volunteers.

The Aukum Fairplay FireSafe Council area roughly covers the neighborhoods of Mt. Aukum, D’Agostini Pond, Pioneer Schools, Showcase Ranches, Outingdale, Fairplay and Perry Creek (see map).

The Aukum Fairplay FireSafe Council is a satellite associate council of the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. Through community events and outreach we seek to educate community residents about the importance of establishing and maintaining firewise defensible space around homes and property and to prepare for evacuation in the event of a wildfire.  

With the assistance of grant opportunities, we seek to improve land with dense vegetation or forest to reduce the likelihood of a rapid spread of wildfire, to help provide fire fighting personnel with resources to attack wildfire and protect homes and property, to help make wildfire evacuation safer, and to provide safe havens for wildfire evacuation.

The AFFSC area includes a diverse community of more than 1400 parcels ranging from one acre or less subdivision lots to large ranches. We have dirt roads, graveled roads and paved roads. There are private roads, county roads, roads maintained by a Community Service District and State Route 16 through the middle of the area. The terrain ranges from open ridge tops with views of the Sierra Nevada Range to the east to secluded, timbered canyons. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) classifies this area as Very High Fire Hazard.

 Over the past four years, catastrophic wildfire has destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and private land, thousands of homes, and many lives have been lost. When we live in the Wildland Urban Interface, wildfires are a fact of life: it is not IF, but WHEN, you will be involved in a wildfire. We help make area residents aware of what they can do to protect their home and property from wildfire, and what they can do to prepare for potential evacuation.

AFFSC Formation Certification from El Dorado County Fire Safe Council